Plant Daddy!

plant daddy~ out now!

plant daddy is a laid back browser game about growing plants in your sunny apartment! Inspired by Neko Atsume and other old idle games.

It features procedurally generated plants + art, a real chill ambient soundtrack, and lots of stuff you can use to decorate your apartment. You can play it for free right here on itch!

Thanks to everyone who tried the demo, your feedback was really helpful! Hope you enjoy the game :)

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this game is pretty cool I play it during school

also is there a way to consistently get the leaves instead of the red petals?

thanks! :^)

How do I find what plant seed numbers are? 

If you buy a plant nursery and study your plant you can get its seed!


Thank you!

And how do I find other people's seeds?

No prob! here's a good place to look

Thanks so much!