Some useful features~!


Another batch of changes for plant daddy. Just bug fixes and conveniences that folks have been asking for.

The biggest changes are to saving / loading games! Plant daddy now supports transferring your save from the browser version to the desktop version, as well as a whole lot more.


  • Added a whole bunch of savegame transfer features!
    • You can download your savegame file in the browser version
    • You can make a copy of your savegame file in the desktop version
    • You can load a savegame from a file in the desktop version
  •  Dramatically sped up inventory load time
  • Added rare trait count to plants in inventory
  •  Prevent users from losing data when opening a newer save file in an older version of the game
  • Added a backup system to help players recover from corrupted saves


  • Fixed plants automatically being focused after being placed
  • Fixed plant light levels not recalculating after stashing light sources
  • Fixed browser version not working on OS X Big Sur and above

I'm working on a new game now about fossil collecting. Hopefully I'll be able to share more details about it soon!

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