plant daddy is a laid-back browser game about raising houseplants in your sunny apartment. 

Your plants grow in real time–water them, repot them, buy some furniture, and then close the tab and come back the next time you have a spare moment.

Use the camera to take a picture of your plants and share it with #PlantDaddy!

Created by Brady Soglin

Updated 13 days ago
Published 20 days ago
Publisheroverfull LLC
Authorbrady soglin
Made withUnity
Tagsbrowser, Casual, Comedy, Cute, idle, meditation, plants, Procedural Generation, Relaxing, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

Development log


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This my friends is what happens to a chubby cactus in a vase, poor guy....

Well I at least have the other pictures I took when I had my other part (that my little sister deleted!)Like this pretty one.


I dont like my little sister she deleted my progress! Arggg!


my plant :3


I have quite a few plants like that and they are really pretty I really like yours!


is very pretty :D


I love this little Garden plant it's so cool!

oh nice, that's a great one!

Thanks! ^ ^


This game is just lovely. It makes me want to fill my real apartment with an impractical amount of plants.

ps. When saving photos, they don't get any extension when saved through Firefox, so I had to manually add .png at the end to upload this picture.

thank you, glad you like it! and noted re: firefox, will fix in the next update :))


You are a serious plant grower! 🤩


Suggestion: Add a way to cross-breed plants?


This is a really interesting idea! It might be possible to implement in a future update. Thanks for the suggestion.

Cool! Looking forward to future updates :D

Is there anywhere I can subscribe for updates, like an RSS feed / mailing list etc for updates?

Sure! I'll post about it on my twitter, and i also have a mailing list!


Suggestion: What about making other plants such as the Sunflower,Rose,White Clover and Dandelion? 

And I really love the game here is my apartment so far:

Collect All does start to break after a little bit. Love the game, Brady.

Thanks clint! :) love the room, you have truly maxed out your candle count

Oh and re: collect all, do u mean that it rolls up too slowly if you collect a ton of blossoms at once?


Originally those candles were also plants. At some point maybe around 40 the button started grabbing about 1/3 of them. eventually it was grabbing between 0-3 on a click. I scaled down the plants and refreshed and the button began working again. Perhaps the solution was just to refresh all along.

huh! i'll test it out and see if i can find the bug, thanks for lettin me know!


I love it! But, I wish there was an ''Are you sure'' when you stash the plant.


i love this game its pretty slow starting off but as it goes it begins to be more and more fun i hope you keep updating and i would love to see some plants like fungi and fruit


this game is wonderful. i've been helicopter-parenting my plants every day at work since release day. excitedly awaiting updates! :)


this rlly seem a good game but when i play in the browser its all black screen! :((

hmm that's no good! what browser are you using?

im using google chrome!

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hmm, ok, that's odd. i did a little research; it looks like this bug has been reported for other html5 unity games running in chrome before but hasn't been fixed. I can't say much without looking at your computer, but here are some options:

  • Update Chrome (Sounds like there are some older versions of chrome that can't run unity games well.)
  • If it still doesn't work; Chrome -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enable Hardware Acceleration
  • Or try it in another (non-Safari) browser

Sorry I can't be more helpful! And let me know if you find a way to get it working!


tysm! i just needed to update my chrome ty again have a good day! <3


above all i am a daddy


Played it and love it, gonna grow so many plants.  Only suggestion, namable plants, I wanna call him steve.


i just read the title and immediately thought of this:                                                                                                                                             Plant me daddy~

Why am i like this?


I'm addicted! So good!!!


plz add more tasks and plants

there're updates on the way!

also is the mini fridge being able to open just a design or no

how do u boost the speed of the plants growin

What plant can go in the fridge? 

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the cave plant?

edit 1: i dont know if it is that i have not tried it myself but i will

edit 2: I have come to the concusion that... no it does not grow in the mini fridge

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I love this game but what plant goes in the mini fridge?

Also, the game get a little laggy on "web" version when you have about 15 plants


:) thanks for the feedback, glad you like the game! It does slow down a bit on some browsers after you get a buncha plants, trying to figure that out.

and i'm afraid i don't understand what u mean re: putting plants in the fridge. why would u put a plant in the fridge? it's cold in there!

what goes in there then?

If you put a candle in there it adds light to the two plant spaces on top. I don't know if that matters, but...


what about an option to slaughter a plant and use its disasembled corpse to get more leaves and blossoms

So, make it into fertilizer? Yeah, I think so, and thats not a very neat suggestion, no offense. Just seems really, I dunno, harsh,

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The game is REAL good, I just started playing it. I didn't think it would save, I thought it only worked on a windows computer, where you'd download it, and I was scared to X out the tab. When I came back, it was the same as I left it. That was a relief, but then the To-Do lists came. 

Only one tiny little suggestion, maybe make the thing a little less pricey? If not, at least make the plants give you x3 blossoms once, and the rest once. It would really help, and not make the game much easier. Anyway, glad I found it, and I would really recommend this to ANYbody who's bored. I know this isn't play store, where you read the comments on the game, but this game is amazing, and its not the best, but its right there.

Oh, and also, please make an option to water all plants. Like, there's a collect all, could there also be a water all? This time, that's it!

Very glad you like the game, thanks for the feedback! Some types of plants do give 2x, or 3x, or even 4x blossoms! Maybe I should make that more clear in the shop



I really enjoy this game, just a nice simple game about growing plants, the only thing i kind of want is a smoother plant "difficulty" spike, currently there's: Cheap, also cheap, expensive, really expensive
there's not much of an inbetween but besides that i like it!

thank you! quick q re: plant pricing if you're willing–were you finding that you couldn't afford plants that you wanted to buy? And if so, were you short leaves, or blossoms?


it was mainly blossoms, leaves were a problem like once, but the 2nd tier plants only give like 1-3 and you'd need like 5 of those just to get another one, then the cave blossoms and tiny tree just take a lot longer to get


I loved it and played for more than a hour know. I think if you launch it to mobile with adds you can get some money with it.

Thank you! I'm thinking about a mobile version for sure


loving this game! please tell me theres plans for it to ome to anroid? i would love you forever

thanks so much!! i've never made games for android before so i'd have to look into it–but I'm definitely thinking about it


super theraputic!

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Loved this! great work Brady and team!


The new soundscape is such a nice touch!! color me soothed