Update preview + Discord Contest

Hi everyone! Two little things to share today:

  1. There's a contest on the discord server! It's called.... A ROCK IN A SOFT PLACE! This contest is all about taking good care of your fossils! Everyone can submit suggestions of new comfy / strange items they think would be fun to put fossils on. The winner's suggestion will be added to the game! So if that appeals to you, hop on the server!
  2. I wanted to show off a preview of the new type of fossil that will be added to the game in the fall update! Meet Crinoids! Crinoids are fantastically weird little filter feeders that emerged in the Cambrian and are still around today.

So that's all for now! I'm still working hard on the update. It'll still be a little while til it's ready. Til' then, have a nice summer!


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