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Brady when is the next update coming to plant daddy, please i need more plants, just one more pleeeease brady im begging you on my hands and knees.

True plant father moment

When's the next update?


this game soothes my soul


:) thank you, real glad to hear it

what did you make this in?


Hello! it’s made in Unity



Great game, totally worth it!

I've been really enjoying this game! Really satisfying chill puzzles. I love the trilobite trait "stubby lil' guy" because yes he is, so cute. The sounds are nice, I like the music and also some of the ambiant neighborhood sounds. There's something cozy about a nice window view and an old imac.

I have some feedback for some small things I think might be nice. 

* Sometimes a fossil looks like it could go off of multiple branches and it just won't let you put it on the "incorrect" one. Sometimes it does let you attach in the "wrong" place. Being more consistent would be nice! I like being able to put it into the wrong place and need to adjust my solution, but if others would like it to only allow you to snap to "true" lines that'd be fine with me too. I'd like if there were multiple ways to solve some of them, according to your own preference for ordering.

* One of the first colorless fossils had by the "Colorful" trait, which is hard to tell when it is grayscale sometimes. I ended up having to randomly link it to a few similar fossils until it snapped to the right one, before I noticed it had extra shading. Maybe up the contrast when they're greyscale, or maybe it's just me? 

Hi! Thanks a lot for your kind words and for the feedback! To your notes:

  • Could you please open the "Pause" menu and hit "Report a bug" next time you run into one of the ambiguous puzzles? The game has a system that is supposed to detect those and fix them, but it could be broken, or missing something!
  • Good suggestion re: the increased contrast

Thanks again! :)

“Epikly Epic”